iTel IT5020 Charging Problem Solution Jumper Ways No Charging

iTel IT5020 Charging Problem Solution Jumper Ways No Charging

If iTel IT5020 is not charging and you are trying to solve this charging problem. Here is the publish very helpful to be able to resolve because it includes iTel IT5020 charging jumpers those iTel IT5020 charging methods will help to restore iTel IT5020 no longer charging issue.

In regular instances iTel IT5020 charging trouble can be purpose of water damages.It can be also purpose of iTel IT5020 charging base damages. So in first steps take a look at charging jack. Try with original rate.
If authentic charger isn’t always running and there is not any notification on the display then check the charging base.
If original charger is attempting to charge but show notification on screen then take a look at with replacement of iTel IT5020 battery.

If charging issue cannot be solved with Charger and Battery alternative then you have to solve with disassembly of iTel IT5020. After you have got disassembled the phone. Check all parts which can be indicated in above diagram. In Repairing diagram you can see all components with multi colour strains these elements are utilized in charging function of iTel IT5020.

Look at all elements very cautiously if any of them is damage because of water , rust or carbon. Then make them clean with electronics cleaner and practice heat to make it dry.

If any link is broken and the cutting-edge electricity is not passing as approaches given in diagram then practice jumpers to solve charging trouble of cutting-edge electricity.
ITel IT5020 USB Device Not Recognized Detected not charging.

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