LG L80 D385 Usb Charging Problem Solution Jumper Ways

LG L80 D385 Usb Charging Problem Solution Jumper Ways

LG L80 D385 usb charge solution,
LG L80 D385 usb now not identified no longer detected

Diagnostic: –
Plug the USB cable into the PC and call jack, read the notifications on the display screen phone identified or no longer. Make sure you could save information to the reminiscence card or not. Replace the USB facts cable and try again.

Replace the usb charger and attempt it once more can fee it or not.
If you are dealing with a load hassle in LG L80 D385 and have tested all the above steps to resolve this problem in it. Dismantle the telephone and take a look at the telephone for water and carbon damage. Clean it with an electronic purifier and apply warmth with a heat gun to dry it.

Keep in thoughts the heat should no longer be over and lots because it could damage your skin and harm the motherboard. So maintain it within the everyday circulation and look at the elements carefully.

Follow a majority of these paths and additives as shown in the diagram above. All these portions are given in exclusive colors so that you can discover the ways of jumper easily.

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