Samsung Galaxy A50 Charging Problem Solution Jumper Ways

Here is the solution for Samsung Galaxy A50 Charging Problem. When you plug in charging jack and it do not shows any indication it meanes the charger or the charging jack is faulty. So Replace Samsung Galaxy A50 Charger and strive with original charger if possible.

If Samsung Galaxy A50 Charging Solution have compleeted with charger alternative then it good. In second case you can take a look at Samsung Galaxy A50 Batter due to the fact batter also can be purpose of Samsung Galaxy A50 now not charging or Charger now not working in Samsung Galaxy A50.
If each of the above solution can’t remedy charging trouble then Samsung Galaxy A50 disassambly is required to clear up the problem. After disassambly of smart cellphone for charging solution observe all elements carefully which are shown in above diagram. Make them easy if there may be some rust carbon or water damages found on Samsung Galaxy A50 mother board. Apply some warmness after cleansing the mom board so that it is able to be dry.

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