Samsung Galaxy J7 Back and Recent Button Solution Jumpers

Samsung Galaxy J7 Back and Recent Button Solution Jumpers

Samsung Galaxy J7 Back Key & Recent Keys Button Ways
Samsung Galaxy J7 Recent & Back Button keys no longer running jumper answer with Home keys Button Touch keys Jumper solution is given on this post.

if you are having problem of lower back and latest contact keys in Samsung Galaxy J7 It may be solve with a few basic tips and tricks that I am going to post here in my blog. In first step check if there’s any glass protector at the screen cast off it and strive out by touching recent and again keys. If it can not be remedy then take a look at out telephone for water and rust damages in that case some time keys work and some time now not work proper.

When disassembling the phone hold in mind about strips and jacks do no longer observe much strain on them follow slight pressure to open then smartphone panels. After disassembly of Samsung Galaxy J7 test out elements very carefully if there may be a few water damages or rust and carbon on components clean them with electronics cleanser and follow low warmness to make these components dry.

In above diagram you can discover jumpers so check those tune also and if you discover digital circuit is damaged practice those jumpers as given in Samsung Galaxy J7 answer diagram.

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