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"A37" ile Etiketlenen Konular

6 ay önce

Oppo A37 Display Light Solution LCD Jumper Problem Ways If liquid crystal display light isn't always operating in Oppo A37, then we will no longer be able to look at any text on display.Light can be low or can be blank. Oppo A37 LCD Display Light IC Solution Jumper Problem The ways may be solved In some steps as said on...

7 ay önce

Oppo A37 Ringer Solution Jumper Problem Ways Ringer hassle in Oppo A37 may be reason of no Ringtones Voice and also no loud speaker calls.If ringer isn't always operating then we cannot use loudspeaker and we cannot play music.In motive of damage ringer ringtones volume may be low additionally.For solving Oppo A37 Ringer Solution Jumper Problem Ways use daigram below. Oppo A37...

7 ay önce

OPPO A37 Mic Problem Jumper Solution Ways Microphone Not Working If you are facing mic problem in OPPO A37. This post may be very useful.It will assist you to fix the microphone trouble in OPPO A37. In this hassle our voice cannot reached to the destination.We are not able to report any sound also. Some time low voice high-quality or noise in...

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