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"Mi 5X" ile Etiketlenen Konular

7 ay önce

Xiaomi Mi 5X Hands Free Jumper Solution Headphone Jack Ways This publish will assist you to resolve Xiaomi Mi 5X arms free now not detected. If you spot headphone symbols on phone whilst headphone isn't always plugged in. Then you may no longer be able to hear earpiece or ringer sound because of this headphone problem.ProblemsShows headphone symbol on screen at...

8 ay önce

Xiaomi Mi 5X Ringer Solution Jumper Problem Ways Ringer hassle in Xiaomi Mi 5X can be cause of no Ringtones Voice and additionally no loud speaker calls.If ringer isn't always working then we cannot use loudspeaker and we can't play music.In purpose of damage ringer ringtones volume may be low also.For fixing Xiaomi Mi 5X Ringer Solution Jumper Problem Ways use...

8 ay önce

Xiaomi Mi 5X Power Button Solution Jumper Ways If Xiaomi Mi 5X is useless and no longer getting electricity on it may be trouble of Xiaomi Mi 5X energy transfer button approaches answer Xiaomi Mi 5X strength key not working.So to diagnostic this fault plug in charging pin into it if charging symbol indicates on it but can't be activate button...

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