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"Xiaomi Mi Max 3" ile Etiketlenen Konular

8 ay önce

Xiaomi Mi Max 3 Volume Keys Not Working Problem Solution Jumpers 1- Xiaomi Mi Max 3 Volume Up Key is Not Working 2- Xiaomi Mi Max 3 Volume Down Key is Not Working Tools:-1-Hot Air is required.2-Solding iron is required.three-Skrue motive force keys.4-Electronics cleaner.5-Four leg On of Switch ( Volume Key Switch ).6-vintage board of Xiaomi Mi Max three if some components are damage on...

8 ay önce

Xiaomi Mi Max 3 Power Button Solution Jumper Ways If Xiaomi Mi Max 3 is lifeless and not getting electricity on it is able to be hassle of Xiaomi Mi Max 3 strength transfer button methods solution Xiaomi Mi Max 3 energy key no longer working.So to diagnostic this fault plug in charging pin into it if charging symbol shows on...

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