Vivo Y52 Display Light Solution

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Vivo Y52 Display Light Solution

Vivo Y52 Display Light Solution

If lcd light isn’t always working in Vivo Y52, then we will now not be able to observe any text on display.Light may be low or can be blank. Vivo Y52 LCD Display Light IC Solution Jumper Problem The ways can be solved In a few steps as said on this post.

After this assembling Vivo Y52 check motherboard if there is carbon water damage or rust.easy entire card with an electronic cleanser and then apply warm air for some mints so that it may be dry.
Replace led if it is an liquid crystal display jack and if it’s miles pasted then after removing check its prints price. Is the value is ok then update liquid crystal display and if price is lacking then check integer additives like shown in diagram .check above all of the paths and if one tracks of them are lacking practice jumpers.

It will assist you to solve Vivo Y52 LCD Display Light IC Solution Easel Problem Problems
Easily in Vivo Y52.

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