Xiaomi Mi Max 3 Volume Keys Not Working Problem Solution Jumpers

Xiaomi Mi Max 3 Volume Keys Not Working Problem Solution Jumpers


Xiaomi Mi Max 3 Volume Up Key is Not Working


Xiaomi Mi Max 3 Volume Down Key is Not Working

1-Hot Air is required.
2-Solding iron is required.
three-Skrue motive force keys.
4-Electronics cleaner.
5-Four leg On of Switch ( Volume Key Switch ).
6-vintage board of Xiaomi Mi Max three if some components are damage on this board.So that they may be replaced.

If Volume Up or Down key isn’t always operating in Xiaomi Mi Max three then it could be the reason of Volume Switch or Resistance close to with the aid of it.
So disassemble cell smartphone and test entire mother board.
If there may be some rust or carbon easy it with electronics purifier and practice a few warmness so that it is able to be dry.
Check these tracks as shown in purple and green strains in above diagram.
If a few prints are lacking or some elements are harm practice jumpers or replace broken elements.
If Volume Switch is harm or broken then replace it with new one.
Do now not practice an awful lot warmness it can be harm for your skin and cellular phone.
Try that board get fully dry.
When you are getting rid of old volume switch ensure you may no longer harm prints from mother board so get rid of it while solding iron is an excessive amount of hot.Or cast off it with hot air.

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